Papers & Presentations

First-Author Papers & Chapters

11. Adapting strategies to promote implementation reach and equity (ASPIRE) in school mental health services. Psychology in the Schools, 2021.

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2. Considering child effortful control in the context of teacher effortful control: Implications for kindergarten success. Learning and Individual Differences, 2016

1. Temperamental differences in infants, children, and adults in the United States and Finland. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 2012

Co-Authored Papers & Chapters

10. Examining the effects of a brief, group-based motivational implementation strategy on mechanisms of teacher behavior change. Prevention Science, 2020 (first author: Madeline Larson)

9. Improving parenting to promote school readiness: A preliminary evaluation of the Books Can... public library program. Journal of Education and Training Studies, 2020 (first author: Michelle Taylor)

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7. The influence of adverse classroom and school experiences on first year teachers’ mental health and career optimism. Teaching and Teacher Education, 2020 (first author: Leigh McLean)

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3. “Dear diary”: A qualitative examination of the phases of first-year teaching. Teacher Education & Practice, 2017 (first author: Mary Anne Duggan)

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